PEMA releases global market surveys on port equipment deliveries

January 15, 2015 – The Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) has publicly released its l...

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Port Equipment Manufacturers Association welcomes four new members

ZPMC, Nantong Heavy Rainbow Machineries, Spohn + Burkhardt and INTERCON Technical Information System...

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Establishment of the Terminal Industry Committee 4.0 (TIC 4.0)

    June 13, 2018 – Establishment of the Terminal Industry Committee 4.0 (TIC 4.0) R...

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PEMA announces the three university teams that will compete in the Student Challenge final 2018 at TOC Europe

May 14, 2018 – The Port Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (PEMA) announces the three univer...

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PEMA to host second live session at TOC Europe

June 4, 2018 – Following a successful launch at TOC Americas last autumn, the Port Equipment Manuf...

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LOGO VDL Signaal

VDL is a well-established and internationally recognized manufacturer of high quality container spreaders and a wide variety of Automated Vehicles.

Every type of ISO container spreader will be engineered and manufactured in the Netherlands to the customers’ expectations and specific needs by VDL Containersystemen. An extensive range of spreaders can be offered, providing customers piggy back, STS, RTG, RMG and mobile harbor crane spreaders.

VDL Automated Vehicles is a leading supplier of heavy duty automated transport solutions. Already in 2009 VDL started to develop it’s first Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). Since the start all AGV activities have been tutored by two independent VDL companies; VDL Containersystemen & VDL Steelweld. Both entities are located in the Netherlands supported by a worldwide network. This partnership creates the perfect example of

VDL’s philosophy: Strength through cooperation.

Both companies are part of the VDL Groep

The VDL Groep, headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, is an international industrial family business with 94 operating companies, spread throughout 20 countries, with more than 16,000 employees.